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About Us

Daniel Grace Funerals has grown out of my desire as a Christian, to be able to understand the needs of Christian families in assisting them to arrange a funeral service for their loved one. For many years now I have been looking after the funeral needs of my own extended family and those within the church communities I have grown up in and associated with.


The business name in it’s self is centered around proclaiming the gospel. Daniel means God is my judge. Grace describes the very gift from God that has availed a repentant sinner to reconnect with God only through recognizing Jesus’ death and resurrection as the way to salvation. Ephesian 2:8-9


What I have experienced when meeting with families is the appreciation of dealing with a funeral director who understands and values what it means to have Jesus Christ at the center of their lives and how much that has greatly influenced the life decisions they have made.


I see my role as being able to partner with you and your family because I understand what it is that is valued most above all in a Christ centered household. Then professionally it is about guiding you through the planning process that goes  into a funeral service. The out come is to deliver a service that reflects the life of your loved one and that of giving thanks to God for a life lived and shared

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About Us: About Us
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