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Burial Service

A burial service will either require the use of an existing grave your family may have access to, or the purchase of a new grave at a recognised cemetery. If an existing grave is to be used then the permission of the owner of the grave, known as the grantee, must be obtained, and then that line of ownership to be recognised and accepted by the administrators of the cemetery.


If you are to purchase a new grave at your desired choice of cemetery then it is advisable to meet with the cemetery administrators and select a grave location that meets your needs. At this time, it is also wise to consider the future needs of your family and maybe extended family as to what other graves should be purchased adjacent to your chosen grave.     


In addition to the use of an existing grave or the purchase of a new grave, a second component known as the “opening and closing” of the grave, basically the digging, must be considered in the costing of the funeral. In the case of an existing grave there may be additional costs to remove any existing masonry or the slab covering the opening if it is a full monumental grave.

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