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What do I do when a death occurs?

When someone dies in New South Wales the deceased may not be removed from the premises where the death has occurred without the deceased’s last attending medical doctor issuing a Medical Certificate Cause of Death (MCCD). The MCCD is not the death certificate which is issued New South Wales Government Birth, Deaths & Marriages.


Typically, most deaths occur in a controlled environment such has a public or private hospital, a aged care facility or under supervised palliative care in a private home. In these instances, the main doctor supervising the medical care of the deceased will in most instances issue the MCCD.


If a death occurs that is unexpected, or the deceased’s usual medical doctor is not willing to issue a MCCD, then the police, and in turn the NSW Coroner takes control of the situation to determine the cause of death. It is only when the coroner is satisfied that they have performed all relevant procedures necessary to determine a cause of death that the deceased is released into the care of the funeral direct authorised in writing by the family to carry out the funeral arrangements.


Therefore, it is advised that no dates etc… are set in place for a funeral service until your funeral director advises your family that all necessary documents have been obtained from all the appropriate authorities for a funeral service to be arranged.

What should I do first?

Having to plan a funeral is a daunting task. If you were to plan a wedding you would have the luxury of choosing a date somewhere many months away. Time to chose what you are looking for and shop around for both a product and check out prices etc.... With a funeral, there always feels like there is an urgency to just get it done. And just to get it "done", means you need to chose a funeral director. 


There are many funeral directors supplying the Sydney Funeral market. And in saying that there is a funeral director out there that will meet your particular needs and someone you can work with and trust.


Daniel Grace Funerals is about earning the trust to impartially look after your families funeral needs. It is this trust that I will guide you in being able to select and chose all aspects of the funeral arrangement and deliver the funeral you have envisaged whilst being conscious of your means. It is trust that means being invited into someone's home to organise a funeral and be treated like a family member.

What will it cost?

Organizing a funeral is not cheap and knowing how things will cost is important. For a in-depth breakdown and explanation of how things will cost you go to our cost page to see typical pricing of funerals. 

What are the options for a funeral service?

One of the major decisions that effects the direction of the funeral services is whether it is to be a burial or cremation. Hopefully the decision is to be able to be based around knowing what the intentions of your loved one was.

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